27HSKIKI Abstracts

Due to the circumstances and possible last-minute changes in the programme, the official and finalized
Book of Abstracts will be available here after the conference

CHRIS MEIER, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Viral Polymerases as Intervention Targets using Nucleoside Triphosphate Prodrugs

DAVID BOGLE, University College London, London, UK
Process Systems Engineering - A perspective looking forward

ZOLTAN K. NAGY, Purdue University, Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, IN, USA
Quality-by-control (QbC) Approaches for Process Intensification in Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Discovery

ANTE JUKIĆ, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Croatia
Nanostructured and functional materials and additives based on poly(alkyl methacrylates)

ANA SUNČANA SMITH, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia
Multiscale simulations of reactive interfaces

PIERANGELO METRANGOLO, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
A Journey through the World of Halogen Bonding

BEN FERINGA, Stratingh Institute for Chemistry, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
Dynamic molecular systems, from switches to motors

ERICK CARREIRA, ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland


Josip Požar, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia
The solvent effect on the host-guest complexation equilibria; the good and the bad


Mato Knez, CIC nanoGUNE BRTA, San Sebastián, Spain
Atomic layer processing: a toolbox for fabricating functional hybrid materials


Srećko Gajović, Zagreb University, School of Medicine, Croatia
Treating mouse as a stroke patient - can molecular changes in the living mouse brain be visible?


Milan R. Nikolić, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Ljubi, ljubi, al' glavu ne gubi: Molekule ljubavi na satu kemije


Krunoslav Žižek, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Croatia
Orally disintegrating tablets and mini-tablets containing solid dispersion – dosage forms for better patient compliance and enhanced oral absorption of drug

Dörte Rother, IBG-1: Biotechnology, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, 52425 Jülich, Germany
Synthetic enzyme cascades – from set-up to sustainable process chains


Višnja Stepanić, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia
(Re)purposing starts virtually by predictive machine-learning models

Davor Kovačević, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Polyelectrolyte multilayers: from fundamental studies to biomedical applications


Māris Turks, Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, Riga Technical University, Latvia
Substitution and ring opening of fused pyrimidines using their activation by azido and triazolyl groups

Lucija Peterlin Mašić, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of pharmacy, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Vladimir Stilinović, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Halogenated aromatic cations as halogen bond donors


Pawel Dydio, Institute of Science and Supramolecular Engineering UMR 7006, University of Strasbourg, CNRS, Strasbourg, France
Cooperative dual-catalytic transition metal systems for selective functionalization of less reactive sites


Emil Dražević, Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering - Process and Materials Engineering, Aarhus N, Denmark

Dajana Kučić Grgić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Croatia
Bioremediation as a promising strategy for microplastics removal by bacteria bacillus cereus and pseudomonas alcaligenes


Francoise Colobert, Laboratoire de Chimie Moléculaire et Applications, Université de Strasbourg/ECPM, France
Atropisomerism: a gate to modern drugs

Gregory Genta Jouve, LEEISA USR3456 CNRS, Cayenne, French Guiana
Numerical methods in Natural Products Chemistry

Matija Gredičak, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia
Construction of tetrasubstituted centers of chirality in isoindolinones via Brønsted acid catalysis

Đani Škalamera, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Development of structurally defined saponin-based vaccine adjuvants


Vilko Mandić, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Croatia
Advanced in-situ electron microscopy analysis of the nanostructured semiconducting zincite thin-films

Ana Mornar Turk, University of Zagreb Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Croatia
Current trends in the analysis of products labelled as botanical food supplements

Krešimir Molčanov
Two-electron multicentric bonding (pancake bonding) between semiquinone radicals

Mateja Pisačić
Crystalline coordination polymers on the move

Andrea Usenik
Shining a light on hydrophobically driven complexation: the bittersweet story behind fluorescent mannoconjugates

Valerije Vrček
Ferrocenoyl-nucleobases. The chemistry in dark and in light.

Jelena Isailović
Electrochemical sensors for gaseous hydrogen peroxide

Edvin Brusač
Ebay and supplements don't mix: determination of andrographolides, boswellic acids, curcuminoids and piperine in products available locally and online

Floren Radovanović-Perić
Small molecule based photoabsorbers for application in photovoltaic devices

Oksana Yurkevich
Vapor phase approach for synthesis of smart hybrid materials

Karina Ashurbekova
Antibacterial biomimetic metallochitin thin films grown by molecular layer deposition

José G. Hernández
Mechanistic study of the mechanochemical acetate-assisted C-H activation with [Cp*RhCl2]2

Barbara Štimac Tumara
Calibration of pressure-based reaction rate law used for numerical modelling of non-ideal anfo explosives

Filip Vranješević
Cyclic carbamate formation through transition metal-catalyzed CO2 capture

Antun Barišić
Computational study of the glycosylated hrp enzyme used in pathogen detection

Iva Zonjić
Recognition of DNA:RNA hybrid and triplex structures by a series of benzothiazole ligands

Sara Matić
Effect of cancer mutations on DPP III – KEAP1 binding

Renata Ruić Funčić
Černobil i online istraživačka, grupna nastava

Kristina Kristek
Kemijska ravnoteža u obrnutoj učionici kemije

Dražen Crnčec
Usvajanje odgojno-obrazovnih ishoda kemije u osnovnoj školi kroz međupredmetnu temu “održivi razvoj” na primjeru poučne staze “Svetomartinska Mura”

Monika Pavić
Pokus u filmu

Mirta Malčić
Usavršavanje učitelja kemije i biologije kroz županijska stručna vijeća

Mirjana Cvetković-Kižlin
Primjena eTwining projekta u nastavi kemije i biologije

Domagoj Vrsaljko
3D-printed equipment for chemical processing industries

Željko M. Svedružić
Supercomputers as microscopes for the 21st century: substrate channeling, epigenetic regulation, and molecular basis of alzheimer`s disease

Želimir Kurtanjek
Causality analysis in chemistry and chemical engineering

Marina Šekutor
The role of london dispersion in the formation of diamantane clusters inside helium nanodroplets

Ivan Kodrin
Computational study of nitrogen-containing covalent organic polymers

Josip Draženović
Excited state intramolecular proton transfer from nitrogen to carbon atom in aminobiphenyls

Tana Tandarić
Computational investigation of the mechanism of the irreversible inhibition of the monoamine oxidase B enzyme

Dejan Opsenica
4-Aminoquinolines, a privileged pharmacophore - from antimalarials to inhibition of cholinesterase

Valentina Rep
Amidino-substituted benzazoles: promising antitrypanosomal and cytostatic agents

Sanja Renka
Effect of controlled crystallization on the ionic and electronic conductivity in phosphate glasses

Ivana Vinković Vrček
Design of nanocarriers to reduce systemic toxicity of antitumor agents: doxorubicin case study

Ivan Pucko
Synthesis of maleic based polymeric additives and their influence on the low-temperature properties of diesel and biodiesel fuel

Klara Perović
Investigation of correlation between different sacrificial agents and photoelectrochemical properties of TiO2-based catalysts for H2 generation

Mario Bohač
Novel low-cost synthesis of transparent BaTiO3-TiO2 nanotube heterostructures for photocatalysis

Danilo Bertagna Silva
Design of experiments for photolytic and photocatalytic degradation of 5 pharmaceuticals in water

Ranka Godec
Mass concentrations of carbon pollutants at a typical street canyon location

Irina Pucić
DSC analysis of submillimeter microplastics from Adriatic sea

Mia Gotovuša
Influence of reaction parameters on the synthesis of fatty acid propyl, isoamyl and octyl esters and their application properties in blends with mineral diesel

Gordana Šelo
Recovery of bioactive phenolic compounds from biologically treated grape pomace by ten filamentous fungi

Nevena Milčić
Solvent tolerance of halohydrin dehalogenases

Anđela Zeko-Pivač
Production of hydrolytic and lignolytic enzymes during cultivation of trametes versicolor on brewer’s spent grain

Marijana Đaković
Can mechanical responses of flexible crystals be controlled and deliberately delivered?

Marijana Jurić
Homo- and heterometallic oxalato-bridged coordination polymers: structural, magnetic and electrical properties

Lidija Androš Dubraja
Molecular ferroelectrics based on bicyclic amine cations and chlorocobaltate(II) anions

Lidija Kanižaj
Magnetic and electrical features of 1D and 3D oxalate-bridged coordination polymers

Nataša Burić
Preparation and characterization of diamondoid esters

Melita Lončarić
Synthesis of coumarin, rhodanine and thiazolidinedione derivatives in deep eutectic solvents via knoevenagel condensation

Marta Košćak
2- And 2,7-substituted pyridine pyrenes derivatives and their DNA/RNA interactions

Magdalena Kralj
Avenue to facile medium-scale production of graphene quantum dots and graphene nanosheets

Ana Alebić-Juretić
Airborne desert dust in the northern adriatic area (Croatia): different sources

Sarah Mateša
Application of the electrochemical method for monitoring polysulfides (Sx2-) in marine euxinic environment (Rogoznica lake, Croatia)

Mario Špadina
Revising solute adsorption models in the case of loose TiO2 nanotubes surfaces

Iva Rezić
Investigation of allergenic metals on fashion acessories and decorative metallized yarns

Luka Pavić
Model-free scaling of conductivity spectra: insight into electrical transport in iron phosphate-based glasses

P-001   Nives Vladislavić, Electrochemical behavior of natural reducers on carbon nanomaterials: a contribution to the optimization of electroanalytical methods

P-002   Nives Vladislavić, Transition metal coordination polymers: synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical studies

P-003   Ivana Vrca, The influence of the black mustard sample preparation method on chemical composition, antiproliferative and proapoptotic effects

P-004   Dajana Gašo-Sokač, An eco-friendly preparations of izonicotinamide quaternary salts in deep eutectic solvents

P-005   Robert Kerep, Evaluation of thermodynamic parameters between antidepressant imipramine and human alpha1-acid glycoprotein by isothermal titration calorimetry

P-006   Danijela Ašperger, Determination of pseudoestrogenic compounds in thermochromic printing ink

P-007   Josip Radić, Potentiometric response characteristics of carbon paste electrode for maprotiline determination

P-008   Antonela Nincevic Grassino, Microwave-assisted extraction of polyphenols from coffee (green and roasted) and its by-products (silver skin and spent coffee ground)

P-009   Antonela Nincevic Grassino, Evaluation of pectin biofilms with incorporated phenolic extracts of “karoma” spent espresso coffee grounds

P-010   Armands Sebris, Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Purine-Carbazole Donor Acceptor Systems

P-011   Dawid Zieliński, Dabco-based ionic liquids as active latent curing agents in thermosets developed with conventional and biobased epoxy resins

P-012   Gabrijel Zubčić, From aminyl radicals to cations; mechanism switch in hofmann-löffler-freytag-like reactions

P-013   Mirza Bojić, Acacetin, apigenin, chrysin and pinocembrin cause irreversible CYP3A4 inhibition by heme destruction

P-014   Luka Krstulović, Synthesis and antitumor activity of novel 7-chloro-4-aminoquinoline-benzimidazoles

P-015   Mateja Belovari, Triazolylpyrene-derived pseudopeptides: fluorescence properties, cell-imaging and antiproliferative activity

P-016   Domagoj Šubarić, Coumarine derivatives as potential acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

P-017   Irina Novosjolova, Azide-tetrazole tautomeric equilibrium controlled synthesis of inverted tetrazolo[1,5-a/c]quinazolines

P-018   Maja Karnaš, Fluorinated pyrazoline derivatives as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

P-019   Mateja Budetić, Characterization of the new potentiometric sensor for thiabendazole determination

P-020   Mirela Samardžić, Optimization of the membrane of the potentiometric sensor for thiabendazole determination

P-021   Vesna Rastija, Biological activities coumarinyl schiff bases related to plant protection: deeper insight into the mechanism of action

P-022   Mirza Bojić, Oxidative metabolism of sakuranetin in humans

P-023   Tihana Marić, Application of HS-SPME/GC-MS for characterisation of volatile compounds of Sideritis romana L. and Sideritis montana L. from Croatia

P-024   Erika Bizdena, The Functionalization of Purine Scaffold with Selenium Nucleophiles

P-025   Krista Gulbe, Metal-free sulfur dioxide-assisted glycosylation with glycosyl fluorides

P-026   Petra Stanić, Diverse stacking of TCNQ radical anions in different salts with organic cations

P-027   Sandra Jurić, Solvolytic behaviour of some ferrocenylphenylmethyl-4-methoxypyridinium cations in various solvents

P-028   Kristaps Leškovskis, Aromatic substitution of azido-pyridopyrimidines and study of their azide tetrazole equilibrium

P-029   Valentina Milašinović, Multicentre bonding of semiquinone radicals under variable temperature and high pressure conditions

P-030   Ankica Sekovanić, Content of metal(oid)s in the muscle and liver of european eel (anguilla anguilla l.) from the raša river

P-031   Elvira Kovač-Andrić, Ultrasound-assisted green synthesis and characterization of Ni/histidine MOF

P-032   Gordana Pavlović, Preparation and characterization of co(II) complex with 1H-benzimidazole-2-methanol

P-033   Jasmina Jukić, Stability and aggregation kinetics of TiO2 nanoparticles

P-034   Renato Tomaš, Volumetric properties of some imidazolium chloride ionic liquids in butan-1-ol at different temperatures

P-035   Marijana Hranjec, Biological activity of benzimidazole and benzothizole 2,5-disubstituted furane derivatives

P-036   Vinko Nemec, The sulfur atom as a halogen bond acceptor in cocrystals of tetrahydro-4H-thiopyran-4-one and its derivatives

P-037   Vesna Rastija, Effects of defoliation treatments of grape variety babica on volatile compounds content in wine

P-038   Ana Lozančić, Characterization of the complexes prepared using building block tris(oxalato)chromate containing different alkyl ammonium cations

P-039   Juraj Nikolić, Determination of influential parameters for chitosan adsorption on silica surface

P-040   Milena Mlakić, Synthesis, photochemistry and biological activity of new 1,2,3-triazolostilbenes. An experimental and computational study

P-041   Snežana Miljanić, Revealing DNA interactions with Hoechst 33258 by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

P-042   Goran Poje, Antiplasmodial activity of triazole-type harmiquins

P-043   Karlo Sović, Conformational analysis of 1N,3N-substituted imidazole 2-aldoximes

P-044   Nea Baus Topić, Thermochromic imines as halogen bond donors in crystal engineering of multi-component crystals

P-045   Marijana Pocrnić, Inclusion complexes of meloxicam and selected cyclodextrins in solution and in the solid state

P-046   Aleksandra Šimanović, The effect of mesogenic core on liquid-crystalline behaviour

P-047   Antonija Ožegović, Influence of the spacer length on mesogenic properties of chiral liquid crystal dimers

P-048   Anja Beč, Synthesis and biological activity of novel amidino-substituted benzimidazoles and benzothiazoles

P-049   Dragana Mutavdžić Pavlović, Stability of amidino substituted benzothiazole derivatives with antitumor activity

P-050   Ida Boček, Novel iminocoumarin derived imidazo[4,5-b]pyridines as potential ph sensors

P-051   Ivana Biljan, Study of the growth process of nitrosobenzene adlayers on gold surface

P-052   Katarina Lisac, Cocrystallization of cobalt(II) and nickel(II) complexes with perhalogenated halogen bond donors

P-053   Kristina Pršir, Synthesis and optical sensing properties of novel 1,2,3-triazolyl-benzothiazoles

P-054   Marlena Grbić, Novel nahpthalimide-based “ON-OFF” fluorescent probes for detecting Hg2+ and Cu2+ ions

P-055   Martina Piškor, Synthesis of new purine and pyrimidine 1,1’-disubstituted ferrocene conjugates using mechanochemistry

P-056   Petra Maleš, Ion influence on pretransition of multilamellar phosphatidylcholine liposomes

P-057   Renata Odžak, Antimicrobial activity of quaternary ammonium compounds derived from pyridinium-4-aldoxime

P-058   Karla Jagić, Extraction of polybrominated diphenyl ethers from human milk samples

P-059   Lidija Posavec, 2,2'-bipyridine derivatives as halogen bond acceptors in multicomponent crystals

P-060   Ana Mikelić, Molecular docking study of quinuclidine derivatives against cholinesterases using machine learning

P-061   Ani Radonić, Analysis of sulfur-containing volatile compounds from two wild-growing brassicaceae plants by hs-spme/gc-ms

P-062   DEJAN AGIĆ, Interactions of human dipeptidyl petidase iii with coumarinyl schiff bases

P-063   Livio Racané, Synthesis and biological activity of bis-6-amidino-benzazoles linked through aliphatic unit

P-064   Mario Cetina, Anion-templated assembly of biphenyl-bis-urea receptor

P-065   Olivera Politeo, Chemical profile and enzyme inhibition potential of water extracts of centaurea plants

P-066   Anđela Buljan, Synthesis and enantioseparation (±)-marinoaziridines precursors

P-067   Tin Klačić, Controlling the properties of poly(allylamine hydrochloride)/poly(acrylic acid) ultrathin multilayer films by varying the supporting anion

P-068   Adriana Kenđel, Silver and gold colloids as substrates for SERS study of methylene blue and rhodamine B

P-069   Adriana Kenđel, Surface-enhanced Raman study of the interactions between pyrene derivative of polyamine and double-stranded polynucleotides

P-070   Marija Bakija, Synthesis and characterization of oxazoline amino acid bioconjugates

P-071   Tatjana Gazivoda Kraljević, Synthesis, structural characterization and antitumor evaluation of novel 1,2,3-triazole derivatives of benzoxazole

P-072   Vladislavs Kroškins, C-H activation of lupane type triterpenoids

P-073   Boris-Marko Kukovec, Thermodynamics of association reaction of rubidium bromide in 2-methylpropan-2-ol + water mixture with an alcohol mass fraction of 0.80

P-074   Boris-Marko Kukovec, Structural and electrochemical studies of cobalt(II) and nickel(II) coordination polymers with 6-hydroxynicotinate and 4,4’-bipyridine

P-075   Mladen Borovina, Mechanical properties of copper(II) and cadmium(II) halides equipped with 3-nitropyridine ligands

P-076   Karla Korade, Surface reactions in aqueous solutions of insoluble oxides (TiO2) and poorly soluble oxides (SiO2)

P-077   Gordan Horvat, Simultaneous regression analysis of titration data obtained by several analytical methods

P-078   Gordan Horvat, Anion binding properties of two pentameric homocyclopeptides in acetonitrile and methanol

P-079   Igor Picek, The reversible electron transfer within hydrochromic charge-transfer material containing pyridinium oxime and hexacyanoferrate(II) ions

P-080   Zrinko Jurić, Preparation and conformational analysis of 1,1'-biadamantane and its derivatives

P-081   Jasmina Sabolović, Density functional structure prediction of neutral physiological copper(II) compounds with l-cysteine and l-histidine

P-082   Silvio Jakopec, Transition metal complexes of dipicolylamine, iminodiacetamide and bis-triazole derivatives

P-083   Suresh Shanmugam, Dna and rna binding studies of novel amidine- and amidoxime-substituted heterocycles

P-084   Anja Rakas, Synthesis of novel 1,2,3-triazolyl benzoxazole derivatives using deep eutectic solvents

P-085   Ivana Sokol, Synthesis and antitumor evaluations of novel 2-aryl substituted benzimidazole derivatives

P-086   Siniša Habazin, Chabges in rat immunoglobulin G N-glycosylation are associated with chronic stress

P-087   Željka Car, Optimization of synthetic route to ferrocene esters of desmuramyl dipeptides

P-088   Matija Modrušan, Thermodynamics of complexation of alkali and alkaline earth metal cations by a phenanthridine-based calix[4]arene glycoconjugate

P-089   Alen Bjelopetrović, Mechanistic Insight Into Solid-State C-H Bond Activation in Azobenzene by Palladium(II) Chloride

P-090   Dajana Barišić, Mechanistic study of mechanochemical regioselective halogenation of aromatic C–H bond with PdII catalysts

P-091   Luka Fotović, N-(4-halogenobenzyl)-(3-halogeno)pyridinium cations as halogen bond donors

P-092   Mario Pajić, Solid-state suzuki-miyaura cross-coupling reactions catalyzed by dimeric monopalladated azobenzenes

P-093   Nikolina Filipović, Application of maldi-tof-msi method on 3d cell models

P-094   Iwona Wójcik, Site-specific glycosylation mapping of endogenous fc gamma receptor iiib derived from neutrophils

P-095   Kristina Pavic, Antiproliferative activity of novel harmirins

P-096   Lorena Kordić, Application of ternary phase diagrams in development of solution co-crystallization process

P-097   Marina Marinović, A qsar study of amide-type harmicines as potential antimalarials

P-098   Matea Dragoš, Osl study on irradiated and non-irradiated dried tomatoes as ingredient in the mediterranean diet

P-099   Ante Bubić, Adenylosuccinate synthetase from helicobacter pylori: characterization of active site using x-ray diffraction and molecular dynamics simulations

P-100   Dario Matulja, Antiproliferative properties of synthetic granulatamide B and its structural analogues

P-101   David Klarić, High-resolution mass spectrometry characterization of cinnarizine – β-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes

P-102   Lucija Hok, COVID-19 infection and neurodegeneration: A potential link revealed by computational simulations

P-103   Lucija Vujevic, Magnetic properties of MOF-525 and PCN-223 doped with copper (II) ions studied by epr spectroscopy

P-104   Luka Barešić, Cocatalytic activity in aldol reaction of a novel thiourea- and guanidinium-oxanorbornanes

P-105   Ana Amić, Lox inhibition and iron chelation by ferulic acid – a theoretical approach

P-106   Ana Amić, Free radical scavenging potency of 5-hydroxyferulic acid

P-107   Andrea Dandić, Novel para N-aryl substituted 3-hydroxypyridin-4-ones and their adamantyl derivatives

P-108   Antonia Matić, Dipeptidyl peptidase iii inhibition tests by metal dications

P-109   Davor Margetic, Computational study of reactivity of guanidine substituted sym-tetrazines in cycloaddition reactions

P-110   Goran Poje, Cytotoxicity of harmiquines, hybrids based on harmine and chloroquine scaffolds

P-111   Ina Erceg, The kinetics of bovine serum albumin adsorption onto CaP/TiO2 nanocomposites

P-112   Ivan Marić, A gamma irradiation method for the synthesis of iron oxide/gold nanostructures

P-113   Ivana Drventić, A method for fast analysis of pahs and nitro-pahs in ambient particulate matter

P-114   Ivona Čipor, Novel supramolecular nanocomposite hydrogels for biomedical applications

P-115   Marija Jozanović, Rapid and simple microfluidic methods for detection of bioactive compounds in complex samples

P-116   Nika Gazdek, Design and synthesis of new supramolecular nano-structured materials based on peptide hydrogelator ac-l-phe-l-phe-l-ala-nh2 and embedded liposomes

P-117   Pavo Živković, Anodic pretreatment of carbon graphene paste modified screen printed electrode for enhancing the electrochemical sensing characteristics

P-118   Pavo Živković, Preparation and characterization of chitosan hydrogel-based optical sensor for total antioxidant capacity determination

P-119   Rosana Ribić, Adamantane-containing desmuramyl peptides: synthesis and structural insight into nod2 binding

P-120   Tomislav Friganović, Inner filter effect corrections for protein fluorescence measurements in microplates using variable z-focus position

P-121   Đurđa Krstić, Phenolic profile as a tool for the authenticity assesment of cultivated berry seeds

P-122   Filip Andrić, Fast detection of apricot juice frauds by pumpkin juice based on planar chromatography, image analysis and chemometrics

P-123   Glorija Medak, Effect of metal cations on zeolite acidity

P-124   Jasmina Lapić, Effect of C-5 substituent on the regioselectivity of N-ferrocenoylation of uracil

P-125   Lu Turković, Development of a novel dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method for the simultaneous analysis of six anticancer drugs in human plasma

P-126   Marija Jozanović, Surfactant sensor based on 1,3-dihexadecyl-1H-benzo[d]imidazol-3-ium for anionic surfactants in industrial wastewaters

P-127   Martina Gudelj, Thermodynamic properties of surfactant benzyldodecyldimethylammonium bromide in binary mixture of propane-1,2-diol and water

P-128   Mateja Toma, Light induced decomposition of ferrocenoyl- nucleobases

P-129   Matija Modrušan, Anion binding affinities of linear penta-homopeptides in solution

P-130   Mirna Mandarić, Construction of 1D zig-zag chain coordination polymers utilising (iso)nicotinoyl hydrazonato ligands and dioxomolybdenum core

P-131   Petar Ristivojevic, Natural deep eutectic solvent as extraction media for the main phenolic compounds from rubi idaei leaves

P-132   Sanja Škulj, Influence of N-glycosylation on horseradish peroxidase stabilization

P-133   Vesna Petrović Peroković, Synthesis of new amphiphilic triazole derivatives of mannosylated desmuramyl dipeptide

P-134   Zrinka Karačić, Role of dipeptidyl peptidase III in pain regulation through cleavage of neuropeptides

P-135   Aleksandra Dramićanin, Effects of agricultural production systems on protein profiles of four different varieties of potato tubers

P-136   Andrea Usenik, Diamantane alcohols and hydrophobic cavities: the perfect pair also in non-aqueous solution?

P-137   Anita Belančić, 5th grade chemistry? /kemija u petom razredu?

P-138   Mirjana Cvetković-Kižlin, Primjena eTwining projekta u nastavi kemije i biologije

P-139   Martina Šeler Namjesnik, Photocatalytic degradation of essential oils – a school project

P-140   Nikolina Penić, Valence – basic chemical concept

P-141   Marija Cvetnić, Calix[4]arenes bearing urea moieties - investigation of supramolecular behaviour

P-142   Anđelina Bubalo, Gasification of sewage sludge as a sustainable circular economy perspective

P-143   Morana Drušković, Electrocoagulation and electrochemical advanced oxidation processes in oily wastewater

P-144   Valentina Rep, Synthesis and antibacterial activity of novel amidino substituted benzothiazoles and benzimidazoles

P-145   Marta Košćak, Interactions of methyl viologens of bis-(4'-ethynylpyridyl)arenes with DNA/RNA and their biological activity

P-146   Filip Vranješević, Cyclic carbonates and carbamates through transition metal-catalyzed CO2 capture - an in silico approach

P-147   Darko Vušak, Synthesis and Crystal Structure Analysis of 3D Zinc Metal-Organic Frameworks Involving Amino Acidates

P-149   Dinko Šoić, High-throughput enrichment of complement C3 protein from human plasma using lectin affinity matrix

P-150   Dušanka Milojković-Opsenica, Development and validation of hptlc method for determination of sugar profiles of honey and its syrup adulterants

P-151   Ena Ivić, Isolation and chemical analysis of immortelle essential oil

P-152   Gregor Talajić, Cyclobutanetetraamino acid derived homochiral metal-organic frameworks

P-153   Irena Ivanišević, Fabrication of all-solid-state ammonium selective electrode on a paper substrate

P-154   Jelena Trifković, Statistical analysis based green planar chromatographic methodology for quality control of food supplements: case study on origanum vulgare

P-155   Jevgeņija Lugiņina, Application of betulin-derived nitrile oxides in the construction of cytostatic lupane-type triterpenoid-isoxazole conjugates

P-156   Leo Štefan, Reactivity and thermal behaviour of 7-methyl-2H,3H,7H-imidazo[2,1-b]thiazol-4-ium chloride

P-157   Maja Krstić Ristivojević, Bioaccessibility of phytic acids and total phenolic content in grain of plant amaranthus cruentus upon simulated gastrointestinal digestion

P-158   Maria Kolympadi Markovic, Experimental and computational approach to catalyzed domino reactions between propargyl alcohols and CO2

P-159   Mario-Livio Jeličić, Spectroscopy and statistics - a powerful combination for drug compatibility evaluation

P-160   Marta Razum, Polaronic conductivity in vanadium phosphate glasses and the effect of molybdenum oxide addition

P-161   Marzena Łazarczyk, Magnesium decreases the electrical double layer (edl) forces between carbonate particles

P-162   Monika Kovačević, Synthesis, conformational analysis and preliminary biological evaluation of conjugates of ferrocene and hydrophobic amino acids

P-163   Nikola Bedekovic, Preservation of pyridone homosynthon in halogen-bonded cocrystals

P-164   Nina Popov, Influence of various metal cations on the formation and properties of α-Fe2O3 (hematite) nanorods

P-165   Ozana Mišura, Co-crystals of cd(II) coordination polymers with simple organic compounds

P-166   Petar Šutalo, Nitrogen-containing covalent organic polymers: synthesis, characterization and computational study

P-167   Robert Junior Kolman, Synthesis and biocatalysis of propargylic epoxides

P-168   Rūdolfs Beļaunieks, Exploration of Various Electrophile-Induced Transformations of Propargyl Silanes

P-169   Stipe Lukin, Ion metathesis and double salt formation in the solid state

P-170   Tino Šeba, Separation of the native and desialylated human alpha-1-acid glycoprotein sialoforms using low-pressure ph gradient ion-exchange chromatography

P-171   Valentina Borko, The effect of oxalate on the thermodynamic parameters for the binding of iron to human serum transferrin

P-172   Zlatan Spahić, Synthesis and characterization of novel hybrid carbamates

P-173   Petar Štrbac, Synthesis and exploration of 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of guanidine azides

P-174   Zoe Jelić Matošević, Computational studies of the mycobacterium tuberculosis transctiptional repressor mntr

P-175   Akmaral Kussayeva, The endo and exo transition states for the diels-alder reaction between vinyl carbodiimides with n-alkyl imine

P-176   Ivana Landeka, Cocrystallization of dasatinib with perfluorinated iodo- and bromobenzenes

P-177   Katarina Leko, Thermodynamic and structural studies of complexation reactions of phenanthridine-based calix[4]arene derivative with alkaline earth metal cations

P-178   Tea Babić, Complexation of transition metal cations by a lower-rim phenanthridine calix[4]arene derivatives

P-179   Helena Butkiewicz, Structural studies on the host-guest complexes of carboxylated pillar[5]arene with amidine and guanidine drugs

P-180   Danijel Namjesnik, Properties of spontaneously and electrochemically formed ti/TiO2 layers in sodium chloride solution

P-181   Đani Škalamera, Isolation and derivatization of saponin from quillaja saponaria tree bark for the synthesis of a conjugate with desmuramyl dipeptide

P-182   Ivan Duka, HPLC method for quantification of naphtoquinones in plant extracts

P-183   Dario Matulja, Bioprospecting of the adriatic sea tunicate, phallusia mammillata

P-184   Željka Soldin, Elastically deformable crystals of Cd(II) coordination polymers

P-185   Karolina Kedra, Electrochemical insights into spatial complexity of hematite - dicarboxylate interactions at the interface

P-186   Dario Kremer, Comparison of the composition of free volatile compounds of the species veronica chamaedrys l. isolated by hydrodistillation and microwave extraction

P-187   Iva Rezić, Development and characterization of antibacterial coating with nanoparticles active against MRSA

P-188   Andreja Žužić, Permanganometric determination of oxygen nonstoichiometry in manganites

P-189   Igor Djerdj, Impact of aliovalent/isovalent ions (Gd, Zr, Pr, and Tb) on the catalytic stability of mesoporous ceria in the hcl oxidation reaction

P-190   Igor Djerdj, Triple perovskite-based triboelectric nanogenerator: a facile method of energy harvesting and self-powered information generator

P-191   Marija Tkalčević, Magnetron sputtering deposition of 3D networks of nanopores in alumina

P-192   Monika Šabić Runjavec, Bioengineering approach for bioremediation of pharmaceutical wastewater

P-193   Bruna Babić, Photolysis of N-nitrosodipropylamine, mebendazole and clothianidin in drinking water

P-194   Silvia Morović, Removal of N-nitrosodipropylamine, mebendazole and clothianidin from drinking water by reverse osmosis

P-195   Goran Lukač, Application of the relative gain array in the control system design of thermally coupled distillation sequences

P-196   Vesna Tomašić, Photodegradation of neonicotinoids on a TiO2-based photocatalysts - efficiency of reactive oxygen species

P-197   Maja Somogyi Škoc, Preparation and characterization of silica-nigella sativa l. hybrid materials

P-198   Filip Car, Emerging monolithic catalysts for the catalytic oxidation of aromatic volatile organic compounds

P-199   Sabino Sepčić, Design of linear and cyclic peptides for ester hydrolysis

P-200   Marin Popović, Enhancement of solar driven degradation of Ciprofloxacin by photodeposited Fe onto iso-type homojunction BiVO4 surface

P-201   Dino Skendrović, Activation agent optimization in aldolase immobilization on mesoporous silica

P-202   Suzana Sopčić, Determination of carbohydrates in atmospheric particulate matter by high-performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection

P-203   Ivana Periša, Magnetron sputtering deposition of core/shell Ge/Al quantum dot lattices in amorphous AL2O3 matrix

P-204   Marko Robić, Synthesis and properties of electrospun fibres in the system er2o3-fe2o3

P-205   Ivana Jakovljević, Spatial distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the air of zagreb during winter

P-206   Nives Novosel, Algal motility as an indicator of environmental stress

P-207   Elvira Kovač-Andrić, Tropospheric photosmog pollution in dubrovnik from 2015 to 2017

P-208   Kristina Zagajski Kučan, Choline chloride : propylene glycol (1:4) deep eutectic solvent for extractive gasoline purification

P-209   Martina Miloloža, Bioremediation of water polluted with PS and PVC microplastics by bacteria Bacillus cereus and Pseudomonas alcaligenes

P-210   Emina Mehić, Biocatalytic scope of halohydrin dehalogenase from Mycobacterium sp. GP1 (HheB2) and mutant HheB2-T120A

P-211   Antonija Tomić, Predictive quantitative structure–property relationship (QSPR) and response surface modeling for adsorption processes of contaminants of emerging concnern in water onto TiO2

P-212   Vesna Ocelić Bulatović, Impact of light pollution

P-213   Zdravka Sever Štrukil, Trends of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in PM10 particle fraction in Zagreb from 2016 to 2020

P-214   Ivana Ćevid, Validation of kinetic model of halohydrin dehalogenase-catalysed synthesis of (R)-epichlorohydrin

P-215   Ivana Elizabeta Zelić, Removal of acetamiprid over TiO2/perlite photocatalyst

P-216   Viktorija Prevarić, Dibutyl phthalate degradation by advanced oxidation processes

P-217   Kristina Tolić, Photocatalytic behavior of anticancer drugs: kinetic study and toxicity assesement

P-218   Niki Simonović, Dynamics of organic matter in rogoznica lake as an indication of global change

P-219   Igor Jajčinović, Aging of photocatalysts TiO2, TiO2 / multiwall carbon nanotubes and TiO2 / graphene oxide in air

P-220   Matej Ercegović, Improvement of acoustic and fire resistant properties of wood-wool cement composite panel

P-221   Ivan Karlo Cingesar, Channel surface modification of 3d printed droplet generators

P-222   Francis M. dela Rosa, Solvothermal synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic properties of TiO2/Fe2O3 nanocomposites

P-223   Petar Kassal, Inkjet printable conductive inks based on melamine intercalated graphene nanosheets

P-224   Angela Kapitanović, Artificially obtained sulphate-carbonate patina on bronze substrates - preparation and characterization

P-225   Ines Šoljić, Applicability of the paste electrolyte cell for in situ electrochemical testing the surface protection of bronze

P-226   Marija Lukić, Optimization of polymeric millireactors produced by additive manufacturing

P-227   Marijan-Pere Marković, Design and production of a millireactor system with a ph-sensitive coating

P-228   Stefani Tonković, Combined thermal - and UV - degradation of polyethylene terephthalate - characterization of aged material

P-229   Lucija Fiket, Synthesis of stretchable and self-healable conductive polymer based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)

P-230   Petar Kassal, Amphiphilic silver nanoparticles for inkjet printed electronics on flexible plastic substrates

P-231   Gabriella Kanižai Šarić, Inhibition of bacillus subtillis growth by fluorinated pyrazole derivatives

P-232   Katarina Marušić, Polymer nanocoatings crosslinked by γ-rays

P-233   Katarina Marušić, Application of radiation technology for preservation of cultural heritage made of leather

P-234   Marin Božičević, Investigation of the conditions for the synthesis of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) atrp macroinitiator

P-235   Josip Sacher, Influence of antisolvent addition on crystallization kinetics and granulometric properties of fosanprenavir calcium

P-236   Miće Jakić, The effect of hot melt extrusion on the thermal properties of post-consumer PET bottles

P-237   Olivera Galović, Fatty acid determination in hens feed mixture

P-238   Ana Peršić, The influence of uv ageing on the properties of low density polyethylene/hematite composites

P-239   Marijan Gotić, Solid state dispersions of platinum in the SnO2 nanomaterials

P-240   Petra Marin, Lyophilization conditions for the stabilization of halohydrin dehalogenases

P-241   Edi Radin, Mechanochemical synthesis and characterisation of Pt-Fe2O3 nanomaterials

P-242   Marko Rukavina, Application of red mud in geopolymer technology

P-243   Julija Jurić, Effects of estradiol on biological age measured by the glycan age index

P-244   Nikolina Janton, Preparation and characterization of celecoxib and cheese whey granules

P-245   Nikolina Kalčec, Nmr study of interaction of l-dopa and dopamine with gold nanoparticles

P-246   Gabrijela Radić, Ascorbic acid influence on the photoelectrochemical response of TiO2 and sns2

P-247   Katarina Mužina, Combustion synthesis of copper-doped cerium aluminate

P-248   Dubravka Tavra, Comparison of toxicity tests for microplastic using freshwater microalgae chlorella sp. and scenedesmus sp.

P-249   Mirna Habuda-Stanić, Structural characterisation of modified bioadsorbents

P-250   Ivana Katarina Ivković, The comparison of advanced synthesis methods for ceria nanoparticles doped with manganese

P-251   Monica Vidotto, Thermal stability of gamma radiation induced radicals in ion-substituted hydroxyapatites

P-252   Matea Raić, Ag decorated porous Si structure as potential anode material for Li-ion cells

P-253   Vedran Kojić, Improved optical and electrical properties of formamidinium lead iodide perovskite films on zno nanorods with polyvinylpyrrolidone aditive

P-254   Marko Babić, Theoretical evaluation of enzyme active sites and catalytic peptides involved in ester hydrolysis

P-255   Ivan Vrban, Razvoj simulacije procesa izmjene topline u cijevnom reaktoru

P-256   Karla Dubaić, Preformulation approach for the development of preservative free steroid-based formulation

P-257   Matea Gavran, Development of the calibration model for real-time measurement of glycine concentration in glycine-water system using ann

P-258   Kristijan Vidović, A new approach for studying adsorption processes on solid electrodes in seawater conditions

P-259   Matija Cvetnić, Laboratory pyrolysis of biomass: gas product analysis

P-260   Tomislav Bolanča, Optimization of biomass pyrolization on laboratory pyrolysis system

P-261   Arijeta Bafti, Nanostructured SnO2 thin-films for solar cells

P-262   Irena Krešić, Preparation and characterization of poly(ethylene oxide)/cloisite 20a nanocomposites

P-263   Maria Kolympadi Markovic, Preparation of zno/organosilane/zno hybrid thin films via atomic layer deposition (ald) and solution surface modification

P-264   Marko Dunatov, Structural and dielectric studies of bis(oxalato)chromium(iii) complexes with azabicyclic cations

P-265   Anja Šimić, Cytotoxic activity of the common juniper essential oil

P-266   Ena Ivić, Cytotoxic activity of laurel essential oil

P-267   Maja Levak Zorinc, Algae-derived plasma membrane carriers

P-268   Marina Markeš, Monitoring and control of critical parameters in fermentation processes by hplc and raman spectroscopy

P-269   Vedran Petrić, Three electrode electrochemical investigation of different salt/solvent electrolyte combinations in a symmetrical carbon/carbon double layer supercapacitor

P-270   Irena Ciglenecki, Long-term (30 years) study of dissolved organic matter in the northern adriatic sea; an indication of global changes and the bios variations

P-271   Marko Racar, Synthesis of fatty acid octyl esters combined with glycerol extraction and reuse of acid catalyst

P-272   Nikola Rimac, Fouling detection in industrial heat exhanger using recurrent LSTM neural network model

P-273   Jasna Prlić Kardum, Optimizing the extraction of polyphenols from plantain leaves

P-274   Antoneta Tomljenović, Usage durability of knitwear made of man-made artificial fibers from cellulose

P-275   Juro Živičnjak, Comfort of socks made of innovative cellulose materials

P-276   Sanja Perinović Jozić, Preparation of poly(ethylene oxide) film with variation of drying temperature

P-277   Valentina Gluščić, Content of ionic compounds in the ambient fine particulate matter fraction

P-278   Ruža Frkanec, Towards nanobiosensor for coronavirus (COVID-19) detection:conjugation of monoclonal anti-sars-cov-2 antibodies to gold nanoparticles

P-279   Berislav Marković, Synthesis of 1,2-diketones from aldehyde using novel ceria-zirconia high-entropy oxides as actual catalysts

P-280   Filip Čerepinko, Smart laboratory fume hood – student project

P-281   Josipa Bilić, Analyses on chemical and mechanical stripping of coatings on metal plate mock-ups

P-282   Kamran Ali Syed, Gas Sensors on Flexible Polyimide, Rigid Alumina and Silicon Substrate for the Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Ammonia (NH3) Gas Detection

P-283   Josipa Papac, Evironmental aspect of photocatylisis for the degradation of oxytetracycline in water: N-S-TiO2 vs TiO2

P-284   Iva Šimić, Different performances of a bulk collector for the determination of PAHs and PCBs in total deposited matter

P-285   Kristina Bule, Degradation of polyethylene and polypropylene microplastics by advanced oxidation processes